Barkle Bowties Product Review

Barkle Bowties is a newly owned and operated business that creates unique, affordable bowties for your furry friend. Their goal is to have high quality bowties that are handcrafted with attention and detail as well as having each sale resulting in 100% satisfaction!

Aspen wearing the red tiny heart bow tie

What we received:

  • A blue dog bowtie
  • A red tiny heart bowtie

First of all, we want to thank Barkle Bowties for sending us these lovely bowties! They arrived very quickly and are so adorable and extremely well made! Their shop is amazing with tons of adorable, unique and fun prints and designs for any occasion. The bowties slipped onto Aspen’s collar easily and did not wobble or move around like any of his previous bowties. They are beautifully made and such high quality!

As a way to give back, Barkle Bowties donate a bow tie to an animal charity, rescue centre or event for every purchase made. Many animals are cherished and loved everyday, but its the animals we don’t see everyday that need our help, so they believe that looking extra special big event days is important for all of us, so why not an animal looking for a forever home.

Aspen wearing the blue dog bowtie
These bowties were the perfect size for Aspen and super sturdy so they didn’t lose their shape after worn and stayed upright. They are made out of a  super soft, durable fabric that stood out on our pups fur!

Aspen looking extremely handsome in his blue bowtie!
We took Aspen and Ivy to the dog park the next day wearing the bowties and we got so many compliments on them, good thing we had their business cards on us! The bowties got a little dirty after the park, so we soaked them in water and I love that the fabric didn’t fade or discolour. We definitely recommend Barkle Bowties if you’re looking for high quality and well made bowties for your furry friend!

Go check them out:

Instagram // @BarkleBowties

Etsy //



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