Meatloafs Kitchen Product Review

Meatloafs Kitchen is a shop that creates scrumptious vegan and vegetarian treats for your pup!  They are committed to giving the best service and the best fresh homemade dog treats you or your dog has ever tasted. All their dog treats are made fresh when you place your order and made with no chemicals or preservatives.

What we received:

  • Itty bitty tiny Heart Valentine’s Day Dog Treats
  • 2 Heart Valentine’s Day Dog Treats


First off, we just wanted to say Meatloafs Kitchen has such a beautiful variety of tasty cookies and cakes for every occasion! The cookies we received were so well made and decorated and was a perfect Valentine’s day treat! They also arrived very quickly and were packaged with lots of care.

The Itty Bitty Tiny heart treats were the size of a dime which also made them great training treats! They are made with fresh ingredients, Gingerbread, Cinnamon, Wheat flour and Molasses. These treats were too cute for words and looked just beautiful in their red take-out boxes covered with white hearts.They smelled so delicious, I was tempted to eat them myself.

The Heart treats were tasty and beautifully made as well! These treats are medium sized and Aspen gobbled them up so quickly and then came back looking for more. They were cuter in person and I loved the attention to detail. Not a bit of frosting was chipped, no cookies were cracked, everything was perfect! Great colours and we loved the designs and amazing handwriting on the cookies.


We love Meatloafs Kitchen because I love knowing I’m giving my dog super high quality treats that contain thoughtfully selected ingredients! Their treats are never frozen and contain zero preservatives. They understand that allergies amongst dogs are becoming more and more apparent so they offer customizable treats where you choose what you want in the treats and they work to provide you with the perfect treats just for you and your furry friend. Their goodies are so unique and did I mention they can be personalized as well? We highly recommend Meatloafs Kitchen for affordable, unique and amazing treats for your dog!

Go check them out:

Instagram: @meatloafs_kitchen



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