SodaPup Product Review

SodaPup is a company that offers a variety of toys for any type of chewers in many sizes ! Their products are made from natural rubber and so durable sustainable. Perfect for you, your dog and the planet! If you are looking for fun, interactive and durable toys for your dog, we definitely recommend SodaPup!

What we received

  • 1 Original Can Toy – Grape Crush / From $10.99

The Can Toy is a natural rubber chew toy that is sustainable, non-toxic, and biodegradable! you can stuff it with treats and keep your dog entertained for hours. They have many different sizes perfect for any size or breed. They are designed to be a fun puzzle for your furry friend and have openings on each end where you can put treats inside. We like to put kibble and peanut butter, which Aspen loves! It is so easy to wash as well and I loved watching Aspen try and figure out how to get his treats out. You can also freeze it and it is dishwasher safe! It is so durable, not to mention indestructible with its thick-walled construction that has been tooth tested and is perfect for even the most aggressive chewers! Aspen is a very active chewer and we love how this can keep him busy for a long time. This product is a bit similar to a Kong Toy, but it doesn’t have a bad rubber smell, dusty appearance or texture and is shiny not dull looking. All SodaPup products are made in the USA and their material is made from natural rubber from plants which is FDA complaint. We love how all their toys are fun, colourful and safe your your pup. Their shop has such an awesome variety of toys and if you haven’t already, go check their shop out! Rating 10/10



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